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The World Channel 1

The World Channel 1: Is the first ever internet Television Network videostreaming a system of channels, 24 hours a day, worldwide.

We launched the first ever. internet only, television network from our world headquarters in Boulder, Colorado USA. We bring you Boulder! We bring you the world!

World Channel 1 Links: The World Channel 1   Boulder Channel 1   Denver Channel 1   World News Channel 1   Jann Scott Live   35th Street Mission   Rocketboom   Tiki Bar TV   Late Nite Mash  

Denver Channel 1

Denver Channel 1 is the all new, all denver all the time channel, dedicated to life styles in Denver. Food, Fashion, Automotive, Homes and Gardens, Shopping, and Sports.

Denver Channel 1 Links: The World Channel 1   Boulder Channel 1   Denver Channel 1   Denver Restaurant Show   Denver Auto Show   Colorado Fashion Show   Colorado Home & Garden Channel 1   29th Street Channel 1   Ski & Snowboard Channel 1  

29th Street Channel 1

29th Channel 1 is the all new, channel, dedicated to shops and restaurants at the brand new 29th Street Retail District Shopping Mall in Boulder.

29th Street Channel 1 Links: Peet's Coffee & Tea   Colorado Baggage Co.  

Top Women's Owned Businesses

The Top Women's Owned Businesses is just that, the place for the best working women out there.

Women's Owned Channel 1 Links: Princess Kept the View   Camille's Sidewalk Cafe   Susan Melching Skin Care   Iron Mountain Winery   Rocky Mountain RAM  

World News Channel 1

World News Channel 1: Is a site to get information about current events in the world. World News 1 reporters provide weekly updates to major issues in the world, We call it World News 1 "News with a twist!"

World News Channel 1 Links: World News Channel 1   Boulder News Channel 1   Rocketboom   Voxant News  

Boulder News Channel 1

Boulder News Channel 1: Is the only News directly from Boulder, hosted by Jenn Conner who also host World News. This is mostly serious but also sensitive and humorous truths about Boulder."

Auto TV 1

Auto TV 1: Is a site to watch streaming video of auto shows, auto reviews, car reviews, auto dealerships and car commercials, Auto TV 1 is also a sub section of the World Channel 1 section, starting in Boulder Colorado and bringing you a world of shows much like your Television.

Auto TV 1 Links: Denver Auto Show 2006   Denver Auto Show 2005   Denver Auto Show 2004   Denver Auto Show 1997   Boulder Auto TV Special   Miller Auto Park  
Auto Classifieds  

Food & Restaurant Channel 1

Food & Restaurant Channel 1: Is a website to watch streaming videos and get information about restaurants and food, also featured is equipment that chefs would need and places to get edible gifts for family and friends, Food & Restaurant Channel 1 is also a sub section of the World Channel 1 section, starting in Boulder Colorado and bringing you a world of shows much like your Television.

Food & Restaurant Channel 1 Links: Boulder Restaurant Channel   Denver Restaurant Show   Baking With Scott   Food Coupons  

Fashion Channel 1

Fashion Channel 1: Is a channel to check out new an upcoming fashions, fashion shows places to shop for apprel and places to go to dress up and stick out.

Fashion Channel 1 Links: Fashion Shops   Fashion Shows   Fashion Coupons  

Home & Garden Channel 1

Home & Garden Channel 1: Is a site to watch streaming videos and get information on where to go, what to get and who to get your home materials from, as well as additions to your home that are timeless, Home & Garden Channel 1 is also a sub section of the World Channel 1 section, starting in Boulder Colorado and bringing you a world of shows much like your Television.

Home & Garden Channel 1 Links: Boulder Home & Garden   Prospect New Town Home & Garden  

Travel Channel 1

Travel Channel 1: Is a online television network of streaming videos that have been on Cable TV and now are on demand here to watch anytime, you can select a wide variety of places to see and things to do related to vacation, travel, rentals, shops, hotels and roads to take. Some of the Shows featured are "The Great American Road Trip" and "Route 66" TV Series.

Travel Channel 1 Links: Great American Road Trip   Beaches, Beaches & More Beaches   Route 66 Travel Series   Colorado Road Trip   Steamboat Springs Colorado   Vail Ski Area  
Royal Gorge Helicopter Ride   Park City, Utah  

Great American Road Trip

Jann's Great American Road Trip. Starts in St Augustine Florida and continues south through the Florida Keys visiting Daytona Beach, Disney World, South Beach Miami, Coconut Grove, Key Largo, Key West and most recently south of the border to the Rivera Maya and Playa Del Carmen Mexico.

Route 66 Travel Series

This is the story of journalist and talk show host Jann Scott traveling on historic Route 66. He has been documenting his travels since 1996, visiting with various road legends. This show is the most comprehensive in existence and is played on various public access stations around America. They are sometimes off beat and wacky, and other times serious. If you would like to see our show on your public access station in your city, sign us up as a community producer and we'll send the series to your channel. Contact Jann Scott for more information. This is a rare collector's series. Each show is 30 minutes long and is available on VHS or DVD.

Beaches Beaches and More Beaches

Beaches Beaches and More Beaches is a travel show that visits the best of the best beaches. Some of the beaches to mention include, Playa Del Carmen, Daytona Beach, Miami and South Beach and a number of beaches along the east coast.

Sports Channel 1

Sports Channel 1: Is a channel where you can watch sports related shows. Indoor & outdoor sports, information about sports and where to go to get sporting goods to play in the games.

Film Channel 1

Film Channel 1: Is a channel to learn about new movies playing in the theatres, DVD, film festivals and also the independent film channel is a place for film producers to submit their films to be included on the channel.

Film Channel 1 Links: Independent Film Channel   Hotshots Movie Reviews of Movies in the Theatres   Hotshots Movie Reviews of Movies on DVD   Boulder International Film Festival   The Academy Award Winners  

Computer Channel 1

Computer Channel 1: Is the channel where you can find where to buy computers and computer accessories. Computer training shows are also apart of the channel, and the all new Gaming Channel 1 where you can play 100s of video games right on the web. Another feature on Computer Channel 1 is Dan Culberson's Getting Wet on the Internet, where Dan expolores the web for unique websites and places to shop for fun and fancy things.

Computer Channel 1 Links: Computer Shops   Getting Wet on the Internet   Gaming Channel 1  Videotoys Computer Training Series  

Comedy Channel 1

Comedy Channel 1: Is a channel to laugh till you cry, crack up at your computer while watching comedians and comedy shows.

Comedy Channel 1 Links: Jann Scott Comedy TV Special   Scott Langer Comedy Special  

Cartoon Channel 1

Cartoon Channel 1: Is a place where animation, talent and sense of hurmor come together to provide cartoon and animated videos for people to watch. Also animators are free to submit their toons to the channel to capture the audience of internet television.

Cartoon Channel 1: Mean Doctors   Sideloaded 3000  

Fitness Channel 1

Fitness Channel 1:Is a channel where you can watch health and fitness related shows. Some shows include mountain climbing, yoga, acupuncture, exercise, biking, golfing, skin care, and much more.

Fitness Channel 1 Links: Fitness Channel 1   Tri-Babes Training   Fitness Coupons  

Ski & Snowboard Channel 1

Ski & Snowboard Channel 1: Is a channel to watch streaming videos and get information on what ski areas to go to and equipment to get when you want to go skiing or snowboarding.

Ski & Snowboard Channel 1 Links: Ski Channel 1 Special   Park City, Utah   Vail Ski Area   Jeff Cormack Snowboarder   Jeff Cormack Short  

Jann Scott Live

Jann Scott Live: Is Boulder's ONLY Live Call-in Talk TV show. This is a front-page news driven talk show covers local, national and international stories with guest appearances. It is Boulder's version of the news with commentary, opinion, callers, occasional bands and celebrities thrown into the mix.

Jann Scott Live Links: Jann Scott Live   Live Webcast   Jann Scott's Personal Website  

Book Channel 1

Book Channel 1 : is the place for reviews, author information and E-books to download, find a book you would like to read or just learn about a book you haven't heard of.

Boulder Visitors Channel

Boulder Visitors Channel: Is the place to go to get information about Boulder, Colorado. Here you will find videos about the Town of Boulder, Hotels in Boulder, Hiking in Boulder, Parks, Skiing, Music, Television, Maps and links to all of what Boulder has to offer.

Boulder Visitors Channel Links: Boulder Hotels   Boulder Visitors Video   RADIO 97.3 KBCO   Boulder Channel 8   Boulder Dog Training Video  

Community Access Channel

Community Access Channel: Is a place for local, national and international community issues to be discussed. Public Access is the place for Free Speech, activisim, news, announcements, and whatever people want to talk about.

Community Access Channel Links: Democracy Now   Colorado Outspoken   Cosmic Pete's Hottub Monologues   Freespeech TV  

Video Blog Channel 1

Video Blog Channel 1 is a collection of Video Blogs A.K.A. VLOGS, that we've found on the web, You can also submit your video blog to be included on this channel by emailing

Video Blog Channel 1 Links: A Tribute to Lonelygirl15   Alive In Baghdad   Amanda Across America   Ask A Ninja   dotBoom   Drinking With Bob   Galacticast   Good Night Burbank   Hope is Emo   Noodle Scar   Rocketboom   Wall Strip  

Podcast Channel 1

Podcast Channel 1 is a collection of Podcasts, that we provide and have found on the web, You can also submit your podcast to be included on this channel by emailing

Podcast Channel 1 Links: Hotshots Movie Reviews of Movies in the Theatre   Hotshots Movie Reviews of Movies on DVD   Jann Scott Live  

Charities Channel 1

Charities Channel 1: In a time of giving we at Boulder Channel 1 launched the Boulder Charities Channel which lists virtually every charity and non- profit in Boulder County. People can now go to the site and chose their favorite charities to donate to during the Christmas season. Some of our staff pick 10 to 20 charities and give five dollars to each one. If every body in Boulder did that charities would receive millions of dollars each year and wouldn't struggle. We put up links to each charities site and links to their video's. We are installing any Boulder charity video on the Boulder Charities channel. In addition Boulder Charities Channel will produce a Free 3 minute video and build and host a free website for any charity going without. The video will be posted on the Charities Channel.

Charities Channel 1 Links: Video, A, B, C, D, E, F, G, H, I, J, K, L, M, N, O, P, R, S, T, U, V, W, Y

World Rant Channel 1

World Rant Channel 1 is a place for people to speak out, We are all for the First Amendment, free speech, and give you the right to do this on our site, to submit your rant, please contact

World Rant Channel 1 Links: Jann Scott Live   Cosmic Pete's Hottub Monologues  

Redneck Channel 1

Redneck Channel 1 is where all you find is pure unadultrated, all American, all the time, Redneck lifestyles and humor.

JonBenet Ramsey Channel 1

World News 1 Report the JonBenet Ramsey Case was so popular that we created the complete JonBenet Ramsey Channel 1 dedicated to the 10 year old homicide case that still has not been solved, but a suspect has recently admitted to the murder saying it was an accident. But does his story and what actually happened match up or is he just a sick child molester.

C.U. Boulder Channel 1

C.U. Boulder Channel 1 is looking for a C.U. Student, broadcast interns to host "This Week at C.U." A 3 minute video blog for 6+ months. This channel is also open to student 3 minute party videos, send to:

Animal Channel 1

Animal Channel 1 : Host a variety of shows about animals. If you want your animal video on out site please contact

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